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... adult education and cultural amenities were also provided. This estate for industrial and white collar workers occupies a unique place in the architectural history of Hungary. The idea of the housing...

(Budapest Hotels/Hotels in Budapest with descriptions)
...t silk draperies. The marble/granite bathrooms feature dual-voltage outlets. The rooms also have a desk/work area and triple phone lines for the traveler on business. The Sofitel Atrium Budapest has a...

(Budapest Hotels/Hotels in Budapest with descriptions)
... Budapest city. Snacks and cocktails are available in the contemporary Lobby Bar, with its exposed brickwork and red carpets. Facing the Dominican churchyard, the bar hosts live music in the evening. ...

4. Laszlo Biro
(Famous Hungarians/László Bíró)
...l "Hongrie-Magyarország-Hungary" and when this was closed down he began working for the newspaper " Elôtte". As a journalist he was frequ...

5. Ferenc Deak
(Famous Hungarians/Ferenc Deák)
...d sister. Between 1817 and 1821 he studied law and philosophy in Gyôr. From 1821 he worked as an articled clerk in Pest, he qualified as lawyer in 1823. H...

6. Oszkár Asbóth
(Famous Hungarians/Oszkár Asbóth)
...ar. From 1918 Absóth´s propellers were mass-produced in the First Propeller Works at Albertfalva, next to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy´s biggest aircr...

7. Semmelweis Ignac
(Famous Hungarians/Semmelweis Ignác)
... in 1837 transferred to the medical faculty. His studies and future professional work were greatly influenced by the two great teachers of that time - the patholo...

8. Sandor Csoma Korosi
(Famous Hungarians/Sándor Csoma Korösi)
...ter tea. During this time he studied and made notes on hundreds of scrolls. In addition, working for the East India Company, he compiled English-Tibetan and Tibetan-Engli...

9. Otto von Habsburg
(Famous Hungarians/Otto von Habsburg)
... to l954 mainly in France except for a few months in Austria in l945. From 1942 he worked actively to prevent the planned expulsion of Germans from the Eastern terr...

10. Leo Szilard
(Famous Hungarians/Leo Szilárd)
...ily. From an early age he showed a very strong sense of curiosity towards the way things work. He would take apart an alarm clock in an attempt to see how it ticked ...

11. Bertalan Farkas
(Famous Hungarians/Bertalan Farkas)
...e is spent on discussing and planning future space research projects. This year will see work begin on assembling the International Space Station which should be complete...

12. Sandor Petofi
(Famous Hungarians/Sándor Petofi)
...nd greater masterpieces of poetry and prose with his volume bringing him great fame. His works were so exciting and well witten that even commoners, people who had hardly...

13. Kossuth Lajos
(Famous Hungarians/Kossuth Lajos)
... threatening activity of the Habsburg secret police. For a while, thereafter, he worked with several insitutions involved in the creation of Hungary�s early ind...

14. Janos Csonka
(Famous Hungarians/János Csonka)
...they developed and patented in 1893. Young János Csonka watched with interest the work that went on in his father's workshop, where, among other things, medica...

15. Victor Vasarely
(Famous Hungarians/Victor Vasarely)
...-29 he studied painting and modern art in Sándor Bortnyik's 'Bauhaus' workshop. Then having married his true love Karla Spinner they moved over to Pari...

16. Neumann Janos
(Famous Hungarians/Neumann János)
... Princeton New Jersey in 1933 and with relatively unlimited means at hand he was able to work on many different projects. Among them is the one project that even Bill Gat...

17. Joseph Pulitzer
(Famous Hungarians/Joseph Pulitzer)
...one. By 1867 he was granted U.S. citizenship, but before that he found himself having to work in terribly difficult menial jobs until he managed to scrounge up enough mon...

18. Bartok Bela
(Famous Hungarians/Bartók Béla)
...in the United States of America to teach aspiring musicians and to continue his research work. They have left behind them their wartime Hungary, which has been swept by t...

19. Balint Balassi
(Famous Hungarians/Bálint Balassi)
...with his first literary product: for the consolation of his parents he translated a religious work from German, the Beteg lelkeknek való füves kertecske (Herbous garden for ...

20. Imre Kertesz
(Famous Hungarians/Imre Kertész)
...e age of 14. In 1948 he graduated from high school in Budapest. Between 1948 and 1950 he worked for the newspapers "Világosság", then "Esti B...

21. Peter Besenyei
(Famous Hungarians/Péter Besenyei)
...st successful pilot. In addition to participating in competitions the Hungarian ace also works as a professional pilot, flying instructor and test-pilot passing on to oth...

22. Tivadar Puskas
(Famous Hungarians/Tivadar Puskás)
...ity. Puskás studied law and later technical subjects. After living in England and working for the Warnin Railway Construction Company he returned to Hungary. In 18...

23. King Stephen I
(Famous Hungarians/King Stephen I)
...rs who might have been tempted to rebel. For the young ruler there was no alternative to continuing the work of Géza. His main aims were the following: to spread the Christian faith and organis...

24. Museum of Fine Arts
(Budapest yours to Discover/Budapest yours to Discover)
...eclectic architecture outstanding composition. Its collection contains most of the country's famous works of art with pictures and drawings from the world's 38 bestknown painters. There are mo...

25. Hungarian National Gallery
(Budapest yours to Discover/Budapest yours to Discover)
...n painting. - Unique Hungarian wood and stone sculpture treasures: gothic winged altars museum of stonework finds from the middle ages. - Habsburg crypt. Regular musical programs: on Sundays at 11 a...

... Hungary for over six years. He is Managing Director of a Budapest Real estate agency who specialize in working with foreign investors who seek investment opportunities in the Budapest property market...

...chnology. This year's class of companies has been selected not only because of the cutting-edge work undertaken by the organizations, but also because their work has potential long-term im...

... East Asiatic Art Museum, established in the former home of Ferenc Hopp who collected most of the works on display, and then bequeathed them to the nation. The embassies have residences in eq...

29. Computer & Telecom
(Static Content)
... Phone: 273-0393, 273-0394 Fax: 273-0395 e-mail: info@telnetwork.hu www.telnetwork.hu ...

30. Museums & Galleries
(Static Content)
... Open to visitors: Tue - Sun: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Middle Age and renaissance sto-nework finds gothic wooden statues and panel pictures late gothic winged altars. 18...

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