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Whatever your budget or itinerary, you can find your ideal place to stay in Budapest by using our Search. Browse our Accommodation Directory to see a range of Hotel, Accommodation , Hostel and Apartment   in Budapest, Hungary.

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Looking for amazing deals on flight to Budapest ? Well, you have found the right site. Whether a first class seating or good old economy class, Budapest Pocket Guide has a great deal for you. So, book your flight to Budapest with us.


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Private and shared transfers are available from Budapest Ferihegy Airport


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Rent a car online with Budapest Pocket Guide. Choose one of our partner companies, book online! You can easily arrange to have a hired car waiting for you when you arrive through your travel agent or local office and this is generally recommended during the high season.

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..., however the entire project was completed by 1926.   Károly  Kós (1883-1977) was a Transylvanian born Hungarian architect, etnographer, designer, writer and politician. He...

2. Sandor Csoma Korosi
(Famous Hungarians/Sándor Csoma Korösi)
.... Sándor Csoma Kőrösi was born in 1784 in the village of Kőrös in the Transylvanian county of Háromszék, which is now part of Romania. ...

3. Sandor Petofi
(Famous Hungarians/Sándor Petofi)
...at, he made an effort to fight with Polish-born revolutionary and military leader holding out in Transylvania. He had trouble with other officers and lost his rand again,...

4. Balint Balassi
(Famous Hungarians/Bálint Balassi)
...rbalance the prolonged suspicion and his kinship with István Báthori, the new prince of Transylvania, in 1575 the father sent his son to relieve Gáspár Bekes...

5. Janos Hunyadi
(Famous Hungarians/János Hunyadi)
...ranks of the Hungarian nobility. This was the case with a Vlach called Serbe, who had settled in Transylvania in the county of Hunyad. Serbe was János Hunyadi'...

6. Tivadar Puskas
(Famous Hungarians/Tivadar Puskás)
...tor Tivadar Puskás He was born in Pest on September 17th 1844. His family was part of the Transylvanian nobility. Puskás studied law and later technical sub...

7. King Stephen I
(Famous Hungarians/King Stephen I)
...oppány's body was quartered and nailed to the gates at Esztergom, Veszprém, Gyôr and in Transylvania as a warning to others who might have been tempted to rebel. For the young ...

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