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Whatever your budget or itinerary, you can find your ideal place to stay in Budapest by using our Search. Browse our Accommodation Directory to see a range of Hotel, Accommodation , Hostel and Apartment   in Budapest, Hungary.

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The 'Hungarian Garden Suburb' was built to house more than 20,000 people (lower middle class public servants). It does not only provide residential units but has been planned to provide for a

(Budapest Hotels/Hotels in Budapest with descriptions)
   PEST/PARLIAMENT Ter Roosevelt 2 - Budapest, Hungary 1051 The Sofit

(Budapest Hotels/Hotels in Budapest with descriptions)
  CITY CENTER Erzsebet Korut 9-11 - Budapest, Hungary 1073   The grand

(Budapest Hotels/Hotels in Budapest with descriptions)

(Budapest Hotels/Hotels in Budapest with descriptions)

6. Ferenc Deak
(Famous Hungarians/Ferenc Deák)
...s a deputy, which post he kept after the September of 1848 as well. He was left out of the retorsions, nevertheless in spring in 1850 the Army Court of P&e...

7. Puskas Ferenc
(Famous Hungarians/Puskás Ferenc)
... won the Olympic Gold Medal in Helsinki, and the year after that his great left foot won his team the Silver Medal at the 1954 World Soccer Championship Gam...

8. Oszkár Asbóth
(Famous Hungarians/Oszkár Asbóth)
...elicopters, working for French, English and German companies. In 1941 he left Germany and returned to Hungary, where he experimented on boats powered by a...

9. Semmelweis Ignac
(Famous Hungarians/Semmelweis Ignác)
Semmelweis Ignác (Ignatius Semmelweis) obstetrician, the "saviour of mothers". (Buda, July 1st 1818 - Vienna, August 13th 1865)

10. Sandor Csoma Korosi
(Famous Hungarians/Sándor Csoma Korösi)
Sándor Csoma Kőrösi (1784 - 1842) There can't be many Europeans whom Buddhists revere as a saint but the Hungarian Sándor Csoma

11. Otto von Habsburg
(Famous Hungarians/Otto von Habsburg)
Otto von Habsburg Born in Reichenau Lower Austria on November 20 1912 son of Archduke Charles (later Emperor of Austria King of Hungary Bohem

12. Leo Szilard
(Famous Hungarians/Leo Szilárd)
...he Nazis came to power a young Hungarian Physics professor made a very wise decision. He left Germany and moved over to England where he did research in nuclear physics. ...

13. Bertalan Farkas
(Famous Hungarians/Bertalan Farkas)
Bertalan Farkas Interview with astronaut Bertalan Farkas on the l8th anniversaiy of his historic flight Bertalan Farkas Astronaut Flying Officer

14. Sandor Petofi
(Famous Hungarians/Sándor Petofi)
Sándor Petőfi *b. 1823 d. 1849 Hungary's Great Revolutionary Poet Laureate, Thespian, Soldier and National Hero.

15. Kossuth Lajos
(Famous Hungarians/Kossuth Lajos)
Kossuth Lajos b. 1802 d. 1894 Father of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, Lawyer, Journalist and Statesman. After being imp

16. Janos Csonka
(Famous Hungarians/János Csonka)
János Csonka János Csonka was born in Szeged on January 22nd 1852, the seventh child of a reputable, engine-building master blacksmith. Even

17. Victor Vasarely
(Famous Hungarians/Victor Vasarely)
Victor Vasarely *b. 1908 d. 1997 Famous Hungarian Artist. Victor Vasarely was born in Pécs Hungary and spent his childhood living in Pos

18. Neumann Janos
(Famous Hungarians/Neumann János)
...angers of rising anti-Semitism and desiring more freedom of theoretical research Neumann left Europe for the United States to join the faculty of Princeton University in ...

19. Joseph Pulitzer
(Famous Hungarians/Joseph Pulitzer)
...ader, mostly known as yellow journalism. In the end both gentlemen, Hearst and Pulitzer, left their marks on the history of journalism and history itself. But ...

20. Bartok Bela
(Famous Hungarians/Bartók Béla)
...ates of America to teach aspiring musicians and to continue his research work. They have left behind them their wartime Hungary, which has been swept by the horror of fas...

21. Balint Balassi
(Famous Hungarians/Bálint Balassi)
... Between 1579 and 1582 he served in Eger as a lieutenant. On account of a quarrel of some sort he left the town of Eger and returned to Zólyom. At the Christmas of 1584 he married hi...

22. Imre Kertesz
(Famous Hungarians/Imre Kertész)
Imre Kertész, Hungarian author (born November 9, 1929) On October 10, 2002, the Swedish Royal Academy announced in Sto

23. Janos Hunyadi
(Famous Hungarians/János Hunyadi)
János Hunyadi "Hammer of the Turks" János Hunyadi was born in around 1387. Not much is known about Hunyadi's earl

24. Peter Besenyei
(Famous Hungarians/Péter Besenyei)
Péter Besenyei Aerobatics Pilot Péter Besenyei was born in June 1956. At the age of 20 he entered his first flying competition

25. Tivadar Puskas
(Famous Hungarians/Tivadar Puskás)
To start with let me ask you a couple of questions: - Do you use the telephone? - Do you know how to say in Hungarian - I hear you!?

26. Michael de Kovats
(Famous Hungarians/Michael de Kovats)
Michael de Kovats (1724-1779) Hungarian-born American Revolution Military Hero During the American Civil War 4 000 Hungarian bor

27. Ferenc Lehar
(Famous Hungarians/Ferenc Lehár)
Ferenc Lehár b. 1870-d. 1948 The operetta which is the forerunner of the musicals of today is a genre in which Hungarian composers such as Pongr&aa

28. King Stephen I
(Famous Hungarians/King Stephen I)
...;kesfehérvár. According to the chronicles the country mourned him for three years. He had left a confused political situation when he quitted this life but could also point to unique ach...

(Budapest yours to Discover/Budapest yours to Discover)
HADTÖRTÉNETI  MÚZEUM (MUSEUM OF MILITARY HISTORY) History of Hungarian armory, uniforms, armor, weapons and battle scenes. Exceptional visual valu

30. Historical Museum of Budapest
(Budapest yours to Discover/Budapest yours to Discover)
BUDAPESTI TÖRTÉNETI MÚZEUM (Historical Museum of Budapest) - Ruins of the Middle Ages royal palace and castle chapel. - Budapest life in

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