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Whatever your budget or itinerary, you can find your ideal place to stay in Budapest by using our Search. Browse our Accommodation Directory to see a range of Hotel, Accommodation , Hostel and Apartment   in Budapest, Hungary.

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...his estate for industrial and white collar workers occupies a unique place in the architectural history of Hungary. The idea of the housing estate was initiated by Prime Minister Sándor Wekerle...

(Budapest Hotels/Hotels in Budapest with descriptions)
   PEST/PARLIAMENT Ter Roosevelt 2 - Budapest, Hungary 1051 The Sofit

(Budapest Hotels/Hotels in Budapest with descriptions)
  CITY CENTER Erzsebet Korut 9-11 - Budapest, Hungary 1073   The grand

(Budapest Hotels/Hotels in Budapest with descriptions)
... HUNGARY ...

(Budapest Hotels/Hotels in Budapest with descriptions)
... Hegedus Gyula Street 52-54 - Budapest, Hungary 1133   ...

6. Budapest Yours to Discover
(Welcome to Budapest/Welcome to Budapest)
Welcome to Budapest Pocket Guide an Online guide for Budapest. Here you'll find Budapest Hotels, and other accommodation in our Budapest accommodation section. You'll also find visitor infor

7. Laszlo Biro
(Famous Hungarians/László Bíró)
...n he took up journalism. He was the editor of the journal "Hongrie-Magyarország-Hungary" and when this was closed down he began working for the newspaper...

8. Puskas Ferenc
(Famous Hungarians/Puskás Ferenc)
...tion, Öcsi and his wife, Elizabeth (Erzsi), a handball player he married in 1950, left Hungary. From 1958 to 1967 he was the prized player for Real Madrid. He played...

9. Oszkár Asbóth
(Famous Hungarians/Oszkár Asbóth)
...ewd business sense Absóth was able to profit from his inventions. In Hungary Absóth also experimented with automobiles powered by propellers...

10. Semmelweis Ignac
(Famous Hungarians/Semmelweis Ignác)
...les when he tried to popularise the use of his disinfectant. In 1855 Semmelweis returned to Hungary and became head physician at the Rókus Hospital, where he intro...

11. Sandor Csoma Korosi
(Famous Hungarians/Sándor Csoma Korösi)
...and in Japan a pagoda has immortalised his name. When the Dalai Lama visited Hungary he also spoke of Kôrösi as being a saint, and if anybody is...

12. Otto von Habsburg
(Famous Hungarians/Otto von Habsburg)
...n November 20 1912 son of Archduke Charles (later Emperor of Austria King of Hungary Bohemia Croatia etc.) and Zita Princess of Bourbon-Parma. ...

13. Bertalan Farkas
(Famous Hungarians/Bertalan Farkas)
... BPG: How did you become an astronaut ? BF: ln 1977 a selection process was begun in Hungary to choose candidates for space flights. The choise was made on purely ...

14. Sandor Petofi
(Famous Hungarians/Sándor Petofi)
Sándor Petőfi *b. 1823 d. 1849 Hungary's Great Revolutionary Poet Laureate, Thespian, Soldier and National Hero.

15. Kossuth Lajos
(Famous Hungarians/Kossuth Lajos)
...argue with Széchenyi István, a well known member of the nobility, the core of Hungaryďż˝s political opposition, most of whom were reformists, gathered behin...

16. Victor Vasarely
(Famous Hungarians/Victor Vasarely)
...b. 1908 d. 1997 Famous Hungarian Artist. Victor Vasarely was born in Pécs Hungary and spent his childhood living in Postyen Slovakia until his family mo...

17. Joseph Pulitzer
(Famous Hungarians/Joseph Pulitzer)
... his controversial political positions as his incredible lifestyle, Pulitzer, born in Mako, Hungary, represents the best type of rags to riches story. Pulit...

18. Bartok Bela
(Famous Hungarians/Bartók Béla)
... and to continue his research work. They have left behind them their wartime Hungary, which has been swept by the horror of fascism and nazism which threat...

19. Balint Balassi
(Famous Hungarians/Bálint Balassi)
...rospatak. The new wife was the elder sister of Ferenc Dobó, the captain-in-chief of Upper Hungary. His brother-in-law, Ferenc Dobó, Lord Lieutenant of Bars instituted lega...

20. Janos Hunyadi
(Famous Hungarians/János Hunyadi)
... should pray for the relief of Nándorfehérvár and for the survival of Hungary. The custom of ringing church bells at noon, which is still abserved t...

21. Peter Besenyei
(Famous Hungarians/Péter Besenyei)
...t of the Republic's Gold Medal" by Árpád Göncz the President of Hungary. The secret of Besenyei's success is a lot of hard work and dedica...

22. Tivadar Puskas
(Famous Hungarians/Tivadar Puskás)
...er living in England and working for the Warnin Railway Construction Company he returned to Hungary. In 1873 infected with the age’s passion for travel on the occas...

23. Michael de Kovats
(Famous Hungarians/Michael de Kovats)
...d of one Kovacs Mihaly later known as Michael de Kovats a Hungarian nobleman born in Karcag Hungary and who had served as Hussar officer in the Royal Austrian- Hungarian...

24. King Stephen I
(Famous Hungarians/King Stephen I)
...n important role in Stephen's upbringing was played by the German priests who were, invited to come to Hungary by Prince Géza. Little is known with certainty about the future King's you...

(Budapest yours to Discover/Budapest yours to Discover)
IPARMŰVÉSZETI MÚZEUM ( MUSEUM OF APPLIED ARTS) From handicrafts to mass produced antiques. Rare, invaluable and unique items on disp

26. Hungarian National Museum
(Budapest yours to Discover/Budapest yours to Discover)
... (Hungarian National Museum) - The first (oldest) public museum and the largest in Hungary. - A thorough exhibit on the history of Hungary. - Mu...

27. Parliament
(Budapest yours to Discover/Budapest yours to Discover)
...Hungarian Parliament Building (Hungarian: Országház) is the seat of the National Assembly of Hungary, one of the Europe's oldest legislative buildings, a notable landmark of Hungary ...

28. Budapest
(Budapest yours to Discover/Budapest yours to Discover)
Budapest (Hungarian IPA: ['budɒpɛʃt] is the capital city of Hungary and the country's principal political, cultural, commercial, industrial and transportation centre. The offic

29. Hotels in Budapest
(Services/ Budapest Hotels)
...Accommodation Directory to see a range of Hotel, Accommodation , Hostel and Apartment   in Budapest, Hungary....

30. Eladó Lakás
(Static Content)
...ical store in 2003. Today, with its 22 stores, it has become the largest, privately owned optical chain in Hungary. Our goal is to provide the highest level of professional service, with a high and un...

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