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The 'Hungarian Garden Suburb' was built to house more than 20,000 people (lower middle class public servants). It does not only provide residential units but has been planned to provide for a

(Budapest Hotels/Hotels in Budapest with descriptions)
...nd proximity to local landmarks. The Sofitel Atrium Budapest combines international standards of luxury with Hungarian hospitality. It is home to Budapest's premiere gaming facility, the Las Vegas...

(Budapest Hotels/Hotels in Budapest with descriptions)
... Overlooking the Gothic spires of Matthias Church, the informal Corvina Restaurant serves international and Hungarian dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner. A stained-glass ceiling forms the centrep...

4. Laszlo Biro
(Famous Hungarians/László Bíró)
... in the 1880s. At that time several inventors tried to develop a ballpoint pen but it was the Hungarian, László Bíró, who created the pen with...

5. Ferenc Deak
(Famous Hungarians/Ferenc Deák)
Ferenc Deák b. 1803 - d. 1876 Politician, Minister of Justice of the first Hungarian Government, the main organiser of the Austrian-Hungarian Compromise

6. Puskas Ferenc
(Famous Hungarians/Puskás Ferenc)
...enown Soccer Champion Born: April 2, 1927 - November 17, 2006 For Hungarians who enjoy a good football (soccer) match the mention of the name ...

7. Oszkár Asbóth
(Famous Hungarians/Oszkár Asbóth)
...propellers were mass-produced in the First Propeller Works at Albertfalva, next to the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy´s biggest aircraft-manufacturing plant, under Abs&o...

8. Sandor Csoma Korosi
(Famous Hungarians/Sándor Csoma Korösi)
...842) There can't be many Europeans whom Buddhists revere as a saint but the Hungarian Sándor Csoma Kôrösi is one. His grave, which lies ...

9. Otto von Habsburg
(Famous Hungarians/Otto von Habsburg)
... Emperor Charles I of Austria and King Charles IV of Hungary. The last coronation of a Hungarian King took place on December 30th 1916 in the church of the Blessed...

10. Leo Szilard
(Famous Hungarians/Leo Szilárd)
Leo Szilárd (1898-1964) World famous Hungarian Nuclear Physicist. In 1934 when the Nazis came to power a young Hungarian Physics professor made a very

11. Bertalan Farkas
(Famous Hungarians/Bertalan Farkas)
...anniversaiy of his historic flight Bertalan Farkas Astronaut Flying Officer in Hungarian Air Force. Born 1949 in Gyulaháza. Married with 3 children. ...

12. Sandor Petofi
(Famous Hungarians/Sándor Petofi)
... to Petôfi after the battle Segesvár. Was the yeang heroic poet soldier of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 really killed while fighting in civilian clothe...

13. Kossuth Lajos
(Famous Hungarians/Kossuth Lajos)
Kossuth Lajos b. 1802 d. 1894 Father of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, Lawyer, Journalist and Statesman. After being imp

14. Janos Csonka
(Famous Hungarians/János Csonka)
... learnt German, Latin and French. In 1873 he moved to Budapest and began working for the Hungarian State Railways. In 1874 he went to Vienna, where as well as receiv...

15. Victor Vasarely
(Famous Hungarians/Victor Vasarely)
Victor Vasarely *b. 1908 d. 1997 Famous Hungarian Artist. Victor Vasarely was born in Pécs Hungary and spent his childhood living in Pos

16. Neumann Janos
(Famous Hungarians/Neumann János)
Neumann János John von Neumann (1903-1957) World renown Hungarian born American scientist. John von Neumann was born in Budapest into a

17. Joseph Pulitzer
(Famous Hungarians/Joseph Pulitzer)
Joseph Pulitzer (1847-1964) World Famous Hungarian-born journalist and Pulitzer Prize founder. In 1898, at the height of the Spanish-American War, Americans and

18. Bartok Bela
(Famous Hungarians/Bartók Béla)
Bartók Béla *b. 1881 d. 1945 World reknown Hungarian Composer, Pianist, Music Theorist. In 1940 a 59 year old musician, accompanied by his wife,

19. Balint Balassi
(Famous Hungarians/Bálint Balassi)
Bálint Balassi b. 1554 - d. 1594 Great poet of the Hungarian Renaissance Balassi, Bálint (or Balassa) - he used both versions -

20. Imre Kertesz
(Famous Hungarians/Imre Kertész)
Imre Kertész, Hungarian author (born November 9, 1929) On October 10, 2002, the Swedish Royal Academy announced in Sto

21. Janos Hunyadi
(Famous Hungarians/János Hunyadi)
...ers, of these settlers were freemen and as time went by most of them rose to the ranks of the Hungarian nobility. This was the case with a Vlach called Serbe, who had set...

22. Peter Besenyei
(Famous Hungarians/Péter Besenyei)
... medals and was the most successful pilot. In addition to participating in competitions the Hungarian ace also works as a professional pilot, flying instructor and test...

23. Tivadar Puskas
(Famous Hungarians/Tivadar Puskás)
...u a couple of questions: - Do you use the telephone? - Do you know how to say in Hungarian - I hear you!? The answer to the first question is al...

24. Michael de Kovats
(Famous Hungarians/Michael de Kovats)
Michael de Kovats (1724-1779) Hungarian-born American Revolution Military Hero During the American Civil War 4 000 Hungarian bor

25. Ferenc Lehar
(Famous Hungarians/Ferenc Lehár)
... The operetta which is the forerunner of the musicals of today is a genre in which Hungarian composers such as Pongrác Kacsóh Jenô Huszka I...

26. King Stephen I
(Famous Hungarians/King Stephen I)
King Stephen I (Saint and Founder of the Hungarian State) Stephen the first Hungarian King and founder of the Hungarian state was

(Budapest yours to Discover/Budapest yours to Discover)
...rmanent and changing exhibits on local and world cultures. Location: 5th District, across from Hungarian Parliament, near Red Line Metro Kossuth tér stop. Hours: Mar...

(Budapest yours to Discover/Budapest yours to Discover)
HADTÖRTÉNETI  MÚZEUM (MUSEUM OF MILITARY HISTORY) History of Hungarian armory, uniforms, armor, weapons and battle scenes. Exceptional visual valu

29. Hungarian National Museum
(Budapest yours to Discover/Budapest yours to Discover)
MAGYAR NEMZETI MÚZEUM (Hungarian National Museum) - The first (oldest) public museum and the largest in Hungary. - A thorough exhibit on the history

30. Museum of Fine Arts
(Budapest yours to Discover/Budapest yours to Discover)
...ute;SZETI MÚZEUM (Museum of Fine Arts) Built in 1906 as Hungarian eclectic architecture outstanding composition. Its collection contains most of th...

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