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Whatever your budget or itinerary, you can find your ideal place to stay in Budapest by using our Search. Browse our Accommodation Directory to see a range of Hotel, Accommodation , Hostel and Apartment   in Budapest, Hungary.

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Famous Hungarians
Laszlo Biro PDF Print E-mail
Laszlo Biro, The Inventor of the Ballpoint Pen

László Bíró (1899-1985)
The Inventor of the Ballpoint Pen

Everybody is familiar with the ballpoint pen and all over the world this eminently useful invention has become an indispensable part of our everyday lives. But how many of us know the story behind this convenient writing implement or the name of its inventor?

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Ferenc Deak PDF Print E-mail
Ferenc Deák

Ferenc Deák
b. 1803 - d. 1876

Politician, Minister of Justice of the first Hungarian Government, the main organiser of the Austrian-Hungarian Compromise

He came of a medium-landowner family from Zala county. His mother died at his birth, his father died early too. First, he was bred by relatives, later by his elder brother and sister. Between 1817 and 1821 he studied law and philosophy in Gyôr. From 1821 he worked as an articled clerk in Pest, he qualified as lawyer in 1823.

He worked as a county solicitor, as a clerk of the chancery, as a chairman of the chancery, and a judge of the County Court. In 1832 he temporarily substituted his brother, Antal, the Lord Lieutenants Deputy, who was then elected a parlimentary delegate. When his brother resigned from his post of a delegate in 1833, Ferenc was sent into the parliament instead of him (1832 36).

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Puskas Ferenc PDF Print E-mail
Puskás Ferenc

Puskás Ferenc
World Renown Soccer Champion
Born: April 2, 1927 - November 17, 2006

For Hungarians who enjoy a good football (soccer) match the mention of the name Puskás Ferenc, whom most prefer to speak of as "Öcsi" (meaning "little brother"), is as if one were to speak of Pele to a Brazilian. Though this living legend of a football player is now seventyfive, his youthfull attitude about life, and game he was born into, is one to be admired. Football lovers think only the greatest of this humble, honest and rather simple man. Öcsi, or as the Spanish affectionately have called him, Pancho, was born in Budapest in an area of the city called Kispest, which is celebrating its 80th year as an official part of greater Budapest. For Öcsi Kispest ("Little Pest"), was where he spent his early childhood years running in the fields and kicking the ball.
"As a child I never had dreamt of being anything when I would grow up...I just knew I was born to be a football player ...however, my father, who was a serious football player, did not have any direct influence on my wanting to become a football player...I just grew up in a neighborhood of kids, friends, whose passion was playing ball."

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Oszkár Asbóth PDF Print E-mail
Oszkár Asbóth

Oszkár Asbóth
Inventor of the Helicopter

(Ponkota, Arad 1891 Mar. 31-Budapest 1960 Feb. 27)

He grew up in Arad, which is today part of Romania, and at a very young age began to explore the possibilities of human flight. Like most of the pioneers of aviation he was confronted with the challange of stabilising the movement of the aeroplane, and to this end developed numerous devices. He sent one of his devices to the Headquarters of the Air Force in Vienna.

As a result he made something of a name for himself while still very young. For his military service he was sent to the propeller development facility of Fischamend. During the First World War he was involved in the selection of propellers for the various types of aeroplane engine. He had a clear understanding of the principals involved in propeller development and production and was soon in a position to patent his own design for straight-edged, more efficient propellers, which could also be manufactured more simply.

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Semmelweis Ignac PDF Print E-mail
Semmelweis Ignác

Semmelweis Ignác
(Ignatius Semmelweis) obstetrician, the "saviour of mothers".
(Buda, July 1st 1818 - Vienna, August 13th 1865)

Ignatius Semmelweis, whose family were involved in commerce, after finishing his studies at a Piarist school went to Vienna, where he began to study law. He soon became interested in medicine and in 1837 transferred to the medical faculty. His studies and future professional work were greatly influenced by the two great teachers of that time - the pathologist, Rokitansky, and the internist open to new ideas, Skoda.

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Sandor Csoma Korosi PDF Print E-mail
Sándor Csoma Korösi

Sándor Csoma Kőrösi (1784 - 1842)

There can't be many Europeans whom Buddhists revere as a saint but the Hungarian Sándor Csoma Kôrösi is one. His grave, which lies at the foot of the Himalayas, is a place of pilgrimage and in Japan a pagoda has immortalised his name. When the Dalai Lama visited Hungary he also spoke of Kôrösi as being a saint, and if anybody is qualified to make a pronouncement on this subject it is his Holiness.

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Otto von Habsburg PDF Print E-mail
Otto von Habsburg

Otto von Habsburg

Born in Reichenau Lower Austria on November 20 1912 son of Archduke Charles
(later Emperor of Austria King of Hungary Bohemia Croatia etc.) and Zita Princess of Bourbon-Parma.
President of the Paneuropean Union. Member of the European Parliament.

The Emperor Frantz Josef I died on November 2lst 1916. 29-year-old Archduke Charles (Otto von Habsburg's father) succeeded him becoming Emperor Charles I of Austria and King Charles IV of Hungary. The last coronation of a Hungarian King took place on December 30th 1916 in the church of the Blessed Virgin in Buda Castle. This was the last time the Hungarian nobility and clergy could be seen in their full pomp. The ceremonial dress worn by the Queen Zita (Otto's mother) and the young crown prince Otto was designed by the great historical painter - Gyula Benczur. The death of Emperor Charles in 1922 one of the most likeable of the Habsburg rulers brought the 800-year-old rule of the dynasty to an end.

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Leo Szilard PDF Print E-mail
Leo Szilárd

Leo Szilárd (1898-1964)

World famous Hungarian Nuclear Physicist.

In 1934 when the Nazis came to power a young Hungarian Physics professor made a very wise decision. He left Germany and moved over to England where he did research in nuclear physics. This wise young scientist was none other than Leo Szilárd whose notable contribution to the development of controlled nuclear fission was fundamental to the development of nuclear reactors and the atomic bomb.


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Bertalan Farkas PDF Print E-mail
Bertalan Farkas

Bertalan Farkas

Interview with astronaut Bertalan Farkas on the l8th anniversaiy of his historic flight Bertalan Farkas Astronaut Flying Officer in Hungarian Air Force. Born 1949 in Gyulaháza. Married with 3 children. ln 1980 as part of the lntercosmos programme together with Soviet cosmonauts Kubasov L. Popov and V. Riumin the took part in space flight lasting 8 days and involving SOYUT-6 and SOYUZ-35 and SOYUZ-36.

There is nothing special about me. I was just given a great opportunity. When you've been in space you feel a much greater responsibility for man the Earth and the Future. Mankind should concentrate on developing natural sources of energy for instance solar water and wind energy."

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Sandor Petofi PDF Print E-mail
Sándor Petofi

Sándor Petőfi
*b. 1823 d. 1849

Hungary's Great Revolutionary Poet Laureate, Thespian, Soldier and National Hero.

Till this day researchers still wonder what realy happened to Petôfi after the battle Segesvár. Was the yeang heroic poet soldier of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848 really killed while fighting in civilian clothe, or was he captured and sent off to Siberia by the Tsarist military? And what about those strong reports  of people throughout Hungary who claimed to have been seen Petôfi alive and well? One thing is for sure, hiss passing, though it created a legend out of  a once real live hero, robbed the Hungarian people of a bright young man.

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Kossuth Lajos PDF Print E-mail
Kossuth Lajos

Kossuth Lajos
b. 1802 d. 1894

Father of the Hungarian Revolution of 1848, Lawyer, Journalist and Statesman.
After being imprisoned by the Habsburg controlled government in 1837, on charges related to articles he wrote about the otherwise secret proceedings of the Habsburg controlled Parliament, he was released by popular demand in 1840. In 1841 he became editor-in chief of the daily newspaper Pesti Hírlap, and because of itsďż˝ politically reformist position it became very popular.

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The Budapest Spring Festival will be held for the 12th time in 2012. Several theatres and museums in Budapest have joined the series of events which spans close to three weeks. The festival offers a wide array of programmes thus everyone can find the entertainment option which best suits their liking.
 for further information visit @ www.btf.hu


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